Malacca 06 & 07 Part 1

It took me a while to put everything together on Malacca (my hometown) and now it's finally done! Honestly, I don't know most of the restaurants' name, so I'll have refer them based on their locations. Anyways, here are some of my favorite restaurants in Malacca, Part 1.

Gan: What you like to eat is mostly determined by what you eat when you were growing up. So for us, Melaka is a source of most of our culinary idiosyncracies, our likes and dislikes, and our passion for appreciating good food in general. It only makes sense for us to review some of the food we've grown up with.

Kampung Pantai Bak Kee Soup

One of Gan's favorite dishes -- Bak Kee Soup (Pork in soy sauce broth served with rice on the side). I've never eaten this dish before but according to Gan, it's good!
Gan: Another typical Hokkien dish. You coat the pork slices with tapioca flour and boil it in the soup. The tapioca coating turns into a geletine like texture. That's where I think the dish is most interesting, in the texture. Of course, the flavors with how the season the pork and the flour as well as the soup and the aromatic yam rice rounds this dish up.


Quachee said...

hi there

chanced on yr photos and would like to feature you in my new book on malaysia (celebrating & showcasing her positively)..

would like to feature what you like on malaysian/ malaccan food.

it can be done like an interview (ie i give you the questions) or you just write what you like.

also hope u can submit 3 photos along with it , send us yr blog/web url, and a lil info on yrself :)

Sarah & Gan said...

that gives us an idea.. we're heading back home to melaka for cny. we should maybe give ourselves an assignment to discover the root of our passion for food.. and how melaka's food had shaped that.
we'll report back then, with more updated photos.

we have your flickr contact from the last time we spoke about kebaya and batik.

Quachee said...

oh hey hi there! sorry, forgot you guys featured the batik & kebaya :)

now into the food segment of malaysia (the second of the 7 themes).

do have a good time back and have fun :)

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