Yakitori Taisho


Yakitori Taisho

Address: 5 Saint Marks Pl , New York

Phone: 212-228-5086

Gan and I used to hang out in the East Village alot more during our earlier days in NYC since my college was close by. Before Yakitori Totto, Yakitori Taisho in the East Village was one of the few yakitori places in the city. It's insanely popular with NYU students since the food is not bad and decently priced. This was also the place where Gan and I were chased after by a waitress for more tip a couple of years ago! Mind you, we usually tip fairly, but we had a good reason for that time -- we only had enough cash for about 12% tip and didn't want to use our credit card. But 12% tip is still a tip right?!

Anyways, we went to Taisho after watching one of the No Reservation episodes where Anthony Bourdain was enjoying delicious yakitori in Tokyo, but regretted the decision as soon as we tasted the yakitori. It was horrible and a real waste of money. Definitely will not go back there again.

Ume Chazuke was decent

The worst Yakitori - the meat was not fresh, the seasoning was too much and the gyutan (beef tongue) was overcooked


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