Famous Seremban Favourites Restaurant


No. 80-1, Jalan PJU 1/3B, Sunway Mas Commercial Centre, Petaling Jaya


I am not a big fan of char siu, but I have to say, Famous' char siu has totally converted me into a char siu lover. This is not the typical char siu you’d find at other local restaurants. The char siu at Famous has the perfect texture of a sweet jerky on the outside and moist, tender white meat on the inside. Who would have guessed that the person who created this delightful dish is a man who has quite an impressive education background – Bill Khoon, the chef/owner holds a BBA degree, a M.Sc degree and a MBA degree! Bill, who called himself the chef, captain and cashier of the restaurant is definitely not shy about promoting his char siu, and he has all the rights to boast about them because they are truly out of this world. Definitely a two thumbs up for Famous!

sweet, sticky, moist, tender, delicious!

In addition, we also ordered some hakka noodles and fish balls soup (both restaurant’s specials) and they were delicious as well.

Fish balls soup

Hakka noodles

Bill Khoon - chef/owner (center)


Jason said...

I love Famous' char siu and the Hakka noodle although I only been there once.

Sarah & Gan said...

Can't understand why it was not as crowded, given the quality of its food. I think it's probably the location (not as much foot traffic from office workers).
The char siu there was even better than the char sius we've had in HK right after our trip to Malaysia! Watch out for our HK blog entries.

MyPreciousMoment said...

you can try another "char xiu" @ Damansara Jaya, the restaurant name "hooi loong", their char xiu is very nice also....

Sarah & Gan said...

Do you the location of hooi loong? i'll send my brother in law Colin to go try it out :)

MyPreciousMoment said...

hi, this is the address :p

7-17, G-Floor, Jalan SS22/19
Damansara Jaya
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Website: http://www.hooiloong.com/


Sarah & Gan said...

wow the restaurant looks established. even has a website! Thanks Jessie.

JessieLee said...

ya....quite pricey also la...haha....:p

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