Amai Tea & Bake House - CLOSED


171 Third Avenue, New York

Phone: 212-863-9630

Amai tea and bake house is tucked away from the high traffic area of union square and it's a rare sanctuary and an oasis for city folks looking for some peace and quiet time. At Amai, you can sit and slowly enjoy a cup of soul calming tea and delicious bake goods such as croissant, tea flavored cookies, puddings and cupcakes. We love the cha cha chai tea and green tea cupcake here at Amai Tea House - very high quality tea and extraordinary green tea cupcake.

From left to right: Green tea cupcakes, yuzu cupcakes and chocolate cinnamon cupcakes

My cup of cha cha chai tea and green tea cupcake

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Pomegranate said...

Sue Mei from NY - Aaah I must have ordered the wrong things when I went there last year! All I remember is that I really hated it - must go back to try the chai at least :)

Sarah and Gan said...

Hi sue mei! what did you have there? Gan had lychee tea and yuzu pudding. He thought the lychee tea was not bad but the yuzu taste in the yuzu pudding was abit too strong. Green tea cupcake is really nice though.

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