La Cuchara de San Telmo


Calle 31 de Agosto, 28

Phone: 34 943 420 840

We didn't get to eat at La Cuchara until two days after we arrived in the city because of dinner reservations at other restaurants. We have heard good reviews on La Cuchara (Lennox, the sous chef at Extebarri also recommended this place) so we went there even though we just had a very extensive lunch at Mugaritz. Finding this pintxos bar was quite a challenge since it was hidden at the corner of a plaza on Calle 31 de Agosto. We walked around a few times before eventually found it. But the bar was packed when we got there, a sign that good food is served here.

We managed to make our way into the bar area little by little, and started ordering pintxos from their small kitchen. We had the foie "cuchara" (seared foie gras), molleja de ternera con tximi txjrri, pato hembra (duck), risotto cremos de queso de craba, croquetta cremosa de asados y guisados, ganatxe de txokolate amargo (chocolate dessert) and two glasses of kalimotxo. Of all the pintxos bar we have tried in San Sebastian (well, not as many as we wanted to), La Cuchara was definitely our favorite. We really liked the foie, risotto cremos, chicken and their kalimotxo. If you only have time to try a pintxos bar in San Sebastian, I recommend that you eat at La Cuchara.


croquetta cremosa de asados y guisados

Pato Hembra

foie "cuchara" (seared foie gras)

risotto cremos de queso de craba


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