Il Refolo

Address: 1459 Santa Croce, Campo San Giacomo dall'Orio, Venice, Italy

Phone: 39-041-524-0016

Il Refolo is the sister restaurant of one michelin star restaurant Da Fiore, one of the most exclusive and successful restaurants in Venice by famous chef Mara Martin. While chef Mara runs the kitchen in Da Fiore, his son Damiano takes care of il Refolo near Santa Croce. Il Refolo markets itself as an upscale pizzeria and cicheteria rather than a restaurant, and its location by the canal, surrounded by old Venetian buildings, a bridge and a church, gives a whole new definition to outdoor seating with a view. It is as Venice as it can be.

The food is equally impressive. Their specialty fig and prosciutto pizza was truly amazing, a perfect pie with sweet and savory element combined to create one of the best pizza I've had. The pasta and salume were delicious as well. The excellent house wine also got my "wine shy" friends into drinking wine throughout the trip! Venice is famous for its seafood, but I assure you, you will not be disappointed by Il Refolo's non seafood menu!!

Prosciutto and fig pizza, classic Magherita pizza
                                                       Il Refolo Pasta dish


Slurp said...

So here's the sister restaurant of Da Fiore. It's definitely has a more chill out ambience.

Here's just sharing my Da Fiore experience.

Sarah and Gan said...

Nice blog! Da Fiore looks good especially Spaghetti with grapes, tomato and shrimps! So you are from Singapore? I might visit friends and family there next year :) btw, check out Auntie Koh chendol when you visit Melaka next time. It's near Klebang and only open during weekends from 12pm-2pm.

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