Trattoria Gianni Franzi

Address: Piazza Marconi 5, 19018 Vernazza, Italy

Phone: 0187-821003
A lot of people chose to park their cars at La Spieza and take the train to the villages but we thought we would just drive to Vernazza, which is located 4 villages away from La Spieza. It turned out to be one of the scariest driving experience; the road was narrow and winding, and we had many heart-stopping moments driving our stick shift rented car especially when facing speeding cars (drivers love to speed in Italy, even on narrow-one-lane mountain roads). Once we arrived at Vernazza, we were dead tired and all we wanted is food. Since our hotel Gianni franzi is also a popular restaurant in the village, we just went there and not expecting much; but the food there turned out to be really good! From their classic spaghetti polmodoro, to Fritto misto to beef ragu, all the dishes were cooked perfect and very flavorful. House wine was delicious too. Needless to say we went back again on our second night!

Frito Misto

Ravioli Pesce (two thumbs up!)

Spaghetti Vongole

Trofie al Pesto - a Lingurian specialty


Slurp said...

Wonder if you guys did the 5km coastal hike. We eneded up hot and stinky but the views of Vernazza and Manarolo along the way were breathtaking.

Sarah and Gan said...

we didn't - Gan was not up for the hike. lol. But two of my other friends did the hike and they said the view was breathtaking. :) where else did you go while you were in Italy? after Cinque Terre, we were in Florence, Torrita di Siena and Rome. We did Stop over at Rubano for Le Calandre, Modena for Osteria Francescana, Siena for Il Canto. Lots of good food in Italy!

Slurp said...

We started from Rome, then to Venice, Florence. In Florence, we did day trips to Greve in Chianti and Pisa. We dined in Il Latini for traditional Tuscan food. Food was relatively cheap and good but reservation is a must.

After that, it was Siena, Cinque Terre and we ended up in Milan. In Cinque Terre, we were staying in Monterosso al Mare and Ristorante Ciak was interesting.

You're very right! Lots of great food in Italy.

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