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Wallse is the second Austrian restaurant I have tried in the city. I had a good experience at the lovely Café Katja in Lower East Side, so I decided to check out this higher end Austrian joint for brunch with a group of out of town friends on Saturday. Actually, I was quite surprised to see that there was no crowd when I arrived at the restaurant. I would expect to see more people, given that it is a one Michelin star restaurant and it was featured as one of the NYC Best Eats in 2007.

If you have been reading my blog for some time, you’d probably know by now that I love varieties when it comes to food (and pretty much anything else. Ha! ) But seriously, I love Wallse’ brunch menu. It was not the usual pancake and omelet menu, instead, they have dishes like Kaiserschmarrn, Viennese Weisswurst, Hungarian Beef Goulash, Wiener Schnitzel, Spätzle etc, which by the way, were all delicious. I was also impressed by their soft and buttery Viennese pastries. I would go back to Wallse just for the bread and pastries.

It was definitely a good brunch, with great company. I just wished we had a more pleasant waitress who wasn’t sulking the whole time.

Assortment of Viennese Pastries

Kaiserschmarrn with fruit compote and marinated raisins

Viennese Weisswurst with sweet mustard and potato-cucumber salad

Spätzle with braised rabbit, wild mushrooms, sweet corn and tarragon

Soft Boiled Eggs in a Glass

Wiener Schnitzel with potato-cucumber salad and lingonberries

Hungarian Beef Goulash with fresh herbed spätzle

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Iqbal said...

Concur on the greatness of the brunch menu; my experiences at Wallse have been quite positive, and one of my Austrian friends swears by that place (and he's quite a picky eater).

One suggestion for brunch if they still have it -- the waffles and tuna. Amazing combination, the lightly sweet batter contrasts well with the salty fishiness. Just another combination of flavors and sensations involving waffles (see: Amy Ruth's waffle+fried chicken).

Sarah & Gan said...

don't think the waffle and tuna dish is on the brunch menu anymore. Does sound interesting :)

hey didn't know you are a waffle man, Iqbal!

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