Japanese Bento Lunch


Where: Harborside Financial Center, Plaza 5, Jersey City (side entrance near Amiya)

When: around 9.30am daily

We are seriously deprived of good food here in Jersey City. But I have to say, once in a while, there are random food vendors that show up and sell home-cooked food that is both satisfying and reasonably priced. For instance, there is this seller who comes to Harborside Plaza 5 daily (around 9.30am) and sell good Japanese bentox lunch set for no more than 8 bucks. I have tried their beef sukiyaki, ramen, chuka (chinese) bento, curry katsu etc, and they were quite good.


jenster said...

hi--do they stick around beyond 9.30am (do they stay till lunchtime?)? Also, do they sell in the Harborside building or outside of it? thanks!

Sarah & Gan said...

no they don't stay too long. the best time to catch them is around 9.30am. after that they'll bring the food to harborside plaza 2, 4th floor - where they sell the bento at a japanese firm's cafeteria (can't remember the firm's name at the moment)

jenster said...

thanks for the tip gan!

just so i know, i can catch them inside the lobby at 9.30am, or are they outside the building?

Sarah & Gan said...

they'll be outside of the building. just to be safe, get there around 9.20-9.30am. good luck!!

jenster said...

thanks again! can't wait to try them out!

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