Socarrat Paella Bar


259 West 19th Street, New York

Phone: 212-462-1000

I was researching on what to eat for dinner on Friday night and Socarrat Paella Bar caught my attention. From the review, seems like this is the kind of restaurant i would like - small and cozy, with a focus on their namesake dish - Paella.

I called ahead to see if I can get a reservation but the maitre'd politely told me that they would only take reservation from 5pm - 6pm, which was too early. So Wan Yin, Chee Ping, Gan and myself decided to just go there around 7pm and wait for a table. It wasn't too long of a wait, and we got a good corner seating area on the long communal dining table (which occupies the whole restaurant).

As soon as we got seated, we went crazy ordering from the menu -- Vegetales Asados, Pork Belly, Duck, and Suckling Pig tapas and an order of Paella de Pescado & Mariscos for four. From the first tapas to the last, we were just so impressed. The Pork belly and suckling pig were cooked so well, crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Our favorite tapas was definitely the duck - imagine a nicely cooked duck breast served with caramelized fried onions and mash potatoes. It was so good that ordered a second duck dish as our "savory dessert"! And the Paella, it was the best damn paella i have eaten in the city. flavorful and just right. I couldn't get enough of the burnt crust from bottom of the paella pan.

Socarrat has just opened not too long ago, and it's already so crowded when we went there. It's a matter of time the restaurant gets even more popular. So be sure to check it out soon!

Specials - Pork Belly

Gambas al Ajillo - sizzling shrimps, garlic, hot red peppers

Vegetales Asados - Roasted Leeks, Scallions, Endive and Romesco Sauce

Specials - Duck with caramelized fried shallots and mash potatoes

Specials -- Suckling Pig

Jamon Iberico - 24 month dry-aged Spanish Ham

Specials - grilled octopus

Paella de Pescado & Mariscos - paella with chunks of fish, shrimp, cuttlefish, mussels, clams, squid and scallops

Dessert - not on menu

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ioney said...

OMG sarah...was that NINE dishes for four people?

this is classic yaokui!

Sarah & Gan said...

lol.....yea i am starting to feel abit fat today. we went for the 4am "breakfast" in flushing this morning after eating nasi lemak and sriprapai at Kim's yesterday. I agree, omg....!

Dangerspouse said...

Woweee! Viva Espania, indeed. That all looks absolutely insane. Thanks for posting it all!

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