Sushi Yasuda


204 East 43rd Street, New York

Phone: 212-972-1001

Gan and I normally prefer to go to Tomoe Sushi near East Village for best value sushi, rather than paying big bucks at sushi places like Sushi Yasuda. But not sure what has gotten into us, when a couple of weeks ago, Gan and I just suddenly decided to eat at Sushi Yasuda. The most interesting thing was, I called around 5pm and was able to get a reservation for two the same night, and for the sushi bar seating as well! Lucky!

We sat about 3 sushi chefs away from Yasuda. But we had a good time anyway and really liked the sushi selections our sushi chef picked for us (we did Omakase). Although he (our sushi chef) didn't speak much English, we understood each other perfectly. I guess the language of food is pretty universal. He made us some of the most delectable sushi ever - small, simple, unpretentious and satisfying sushi with the freshest fish/seafood. It is not difficult to see that strict quality control is practiced at the restaurant, with Yasuda hand picking the fish and seafood himself and with every ingredient made fresh daily. Every piece of sushi served there is also a piece of art; it is best to eat the sushi without additional soy sauce or wasabi, since the sushi chef had already applied an exact amount of special soy sauce to the sushi he serves.

Of all the sushi we have tried at Sushi Yasuda, I actually love the oyster sushi the most. Not a common sushi serves at other places, but I love it. I didn't know oysters can taste so amazing as sushi. The eel sushi (there were a few varieties) was incredible and a must try. Yasuda was also trained in Japan as an Eel chef, so you probably can't get better Eel sushi in New York than this.

I guess one of the best things about being in New York is that you are able to find very good Japanese restaurants. Dining at Sushi Yasuda definitely reminded us of our dining experiences in Tokyo, without actually being there. The service at Sushi Yasuda was impeccable as well. Now I know why people love this restaurant.

The Famous Yasuda

complimentary starters

Our sushi chef

The right way to eating sushi - using index finger and thumb

Mackerel sushi - Sanma and Kibinago

Oyster sushi and Giant Clam sushi

One more Oyster sushi and Botan Shrimp sushi

Blue Fin Fatty Tuna sushi and Big Eye Fatty Tuna sushi

Sea Urchin (Uni) sushi and Sea Scallop (Hotate) sushi

Squid (ika) sushi

Kanpachi (yellowtail) sushi

Menegi sushi - the taste was a little overwhelming for me, but it is supposed to cleanse your palate

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Malika said...

I love Yasuda. It is the best sushi I've ever had. I live in LA and no other sushi restaurant measures up.

Sarah and Gan said...

really? I would think there are good sushi restaurants in LA since there's a big Japanese community there. Anyways, next time you come to NYC, check out sushi of gari and 15 east as well. i heard they are really good. for good value sushi, go to Tomoe sushi.

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