Jive Turkey


441 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, New York


Phone: 718- 797-1688

Gan really wanted to have fried turkey for Thanksgiving. But instead of wasting a pot full of oil to fry just one turkey, I thought we should buy it from Jive Turkey in Brooklyn. I looked up its website the week before Thanksgiving but obviously it was too late as the turkeys were all sold out online, so we decided to try our luck and drive to Brooklyn on Thanksgiving Eve to pick it up.

There was already a long line outside of the store when we got to Brooklyn in the evening. When I joined the line, I was immediately told that they were done for the day. But we managed to find out from a store personnel that we might be able to get Jive Turkeys from Bob Law's Seafood Cafe in Prospect Height, and we bought it there.

I am not a big fan of Turkey, but Jive's Fried Turkey definitely taste much better, more juicy and flavorful. But it wasn't cheap, especially during Thanksgiving - it costs around $80 for one classic turkey!! I will probably order from Jive Turkey way ahead of time next Thanksgiving, since I really want to try their Peach Bourbon Turkey.

Traditional turkey from Fresh Direct, courtesy of Kim and Shien Jin. The Thanksgiving set, which comes with sides such as mash potatoes, sweet potatoes, cream of spinach etc was quite worth it. Look at the size of the Turkey Thigh!!


Dangerspouse said...

Eighty bucks for a TURKEY?! What kind of oil do they fry it in - truffle? Wow. Well, I'm glad it at least tasted great!

Sarah and Gan said...

yea! that's exactly how I felt when i saw the price! maybe someone should start another fried turkey joint, to break the monopoly. :P

Dangerspouse said...

Good idea - I think I will! Hell, wild turkeys run wild through my back yard all the time as it is, so my inventory costs will be very very low. I'll run those pirates at Jive Turkey out of business in a week! (And my turkeys will taste better too, since I brine them. I bet they're slackers about that. Fools.)


Sarah and Gan said...

Dangerspouse, do you really have wild turkeys at your back yard?? nice!

Dangerspouse said...

Actually, I do. Along with lots of black bear and foxes and TONS of deer. I live in the middle of a state forest surrounded by 6,000 acres of woods. It's seriously breathtakingly beautiful, but on garbage day the bears always steal our trash and have a picnic on our lawn. It's a mess! (And I get insulted if they don't eat everything - wasn't my cooking good enough??) Lol...who'd guess that sort of thing is right over in Jersey? :)

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