Butter Lane Cupcakes


123 E 7th St., New York


Phone: 212-677-2880

Of all the cupcakes stores in New York City, Butter Lane cupcakes are hands down our favorite. While other cupcakes stores are making the usual red velvet, chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, Butter Lane differentiates itself by specializing in fruit frosting cupcakes with flavors such as Mango, Keylime, Strawberry, Blueberry etc. The cupcakes are made from the freshest and top quality ingredients, and they use organic eggs too. Take one bite into their cupcakes and you will instantly taste the difference --they are light, fluffy, "refreshing" (really!) and not too sweet.

We actually stumbled upon this cupcake store while trying to get some pork at Porchetta across the street (not successfully since they ran out of pork). What attracted me to this place initially was its Mango cupcakes, which they didn't have any when we went in. But I was perfectly happy with the Keylime cupcake, and Gan absolutely love the French Vanilla cupcake. We heart Butter Lane cupcakes!

Keylime cupcake and French Vanilla cupcake

Strawberry and Blueberries cupcakes

Gan devoured the French Vanilla cupcake within a few seconds and loved it. I was amazed, since he is not really a big fan of cupcakes.

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Florence said...

haha, we passed by this place a couple of weeks ago after dinner at Kyo Ya! The banana cupcake is delicious!

Sarah and Gan said...

that will be the next cupcake i'll get when i go there again! :) apparently chikalicious is #1 for cupcakes. have you tried? Sue Mei and Su Ann both tried and loved it.

jKay said...

i love the keylime too! they restored faith in cupcakes for me ;p

and today i was brunching at LES and passed by sugar sweet sunshine bakery - the strawberry creamcheese is divine!!!! my friend and i thought it was even more fluffy than butter lane's. but we didn't like the pistachio so much - the cream was kind of too *creamy* for us.. the best part is they are so cheap at $1.50 you are almost tempted to buy all their flavors!!

yet to try chikalicious - we gave up halfway while queuing once, will have to just buy takeaway next time ;p

Sarah and Gan said...

Sue Mei was just telling me about LES cupcake store, probably sweet sunshine bakery. lets do a cupcake tour one day, we already have a few ladies signing up!

Su Ann said...

i tried sugar sweet sunshine quite recently; am not too sure why it's rate so highly on yelp cos i thought they werent that good. there was kinda an OD on the frosting and the cake was quite dry :\

Sarah and Gan said...

i've never tried sugar sweet sunshine before actually. i think most of the cupcake places in nyc make their cupcakes too sweet. have you checked out butter lane cupcake yet? the one you tried the other day was stale...you gotta go there and get either french vanilla, key lime or mojito cupcakes :) i heard banana is pretty good as well.

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