Shake Shack


Madison Square Park, E 23rd St & Madison Ave, New York

Phone: (212) 889-6600

I am no expert in Burgers, but I do appreciate a good burger when I eat one. To me, a good burger is one that has top quality juicy beef patty that is not overdone, fresh lettuce and tomatoes, and hamburger bun that is buttered and slightly toasted on the inside. Shake Shack serves exactly this type burger.

The shack is strategically located at the corner of Madison Square park in Flatiron district, where New Yorkers and tourists alike can stop by for some awesome burgers, curly fries, hot chocolate, milk shake, beers, and even Shake Shack's own WINES! Although the burgers are the highlights, we thought the milk shake and hot chocolate were some of the best we've had.

It's a simple idea - burger in the park, but the Union Square Hospitality Group (which also owns The Modern, one of our favorite restaurants) made it exceptional by bringing roadside burgers to the next level. Enjoying high quality Shake Shack burger with Madison Square Park as the dining room is just amazing. ( Can you imagine summer in Madison Square Park + Shake Shack burger? FOOD LOVERS' HEAVEN!)

Expect long lines, at all times (even during the coldest months of winter). But it's worth the wait, Shake Shack burgers are really that awesome.

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Orenji8 said...

Love Shake Shack! Especially, in the rain or when it's cold, no line. Or if you're like me, go after work, short wait.

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