230 Ninth Avenue, New York

Phone: 212-243-1105

With so many awesome pizza places in New York City, do New Yorkers really need another Pizza place? Apparently the answer is yes, seeing how popular Jim Lahey's (of Sullivan Street Bakery) Company Pizza restaurant is. Company, or Co's concept is gourmet pizza, with an emphasis on excellent crust and high quality ingredients/toppings. To us, yes, the crust is good, and yes the toppings are good, but is it worth waiting an hour for a table and paying top dollars for? (one individual pie can cost up to $24) - No.

We ordered four pies at Co. even though we were quite full from Txikito (We ate/drank at Txikito while waiting for a table at Co). We have to agree, the pie crust was pretty good, but the toppings, although more luxurious with quail egg, truffle, prosciutto etc, were not as impressive. There were a few noteworthy pies though; try the Flambe pie and Stracciatella pie if you do go there.

You would think that a pizza restaurant is an ideal place for big groups, but clearly not at Co. The staffs were not accommodating in getting us seated until we headed over to Txikito. Service wasn't good either, we felt we were rushed through dinner by our waiter. We'd rather head to Grimaldi's or Patsy's if we have cravings for pizza next time.

Ham and Cheese pie - pecorino, gruyere, buffalo, mozzarella, prosciutto, caraway

Bird's Nest Pie - raschera, appalachian, parmesan, shaved asparagus, quail eggs, shaved black truffle

Flambe pie - bechamel, parmesan, buffalo mozzarella, caramelized onions, lardons

Stracciatella pie - crushed tomato, black pepper, stracciatella, arugula

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pink horrorshow said...

I think I read about this place on the Wandering Eater and it definitely is going on my list of restaurants to try!!! The Bird's Nest pizza looks diviiiiiine.

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