110 E 7th St, New York


Phone: 212-777-2151

We wouldn't really call Sara Jenkins' new roast pork institution in East Village a place for cheap eats. The porchetta plate which includes roast pork, cracklings (if you are lucky) and two sides of greens and beans is actually pricey at $14, and the sandwich is not exactly cheap either at $9. But we have to admit, the pork is nicely flavored and juicy with hints of spices and herbs like rosemary, sage, garlic etc, and the cracklings are pretty incredible. Porchetta reminded us of Malaysian style roast pork sans rosemary; we just wished they didn't served us under seasoned beans and greens.

Be sure to call ahead before heading to the restaurant since they do run out of pork from time to time. We went there twice before finally getting the pork. Seating area is also lacking, so expect to have your porchetta to go especially during dinner time.

Porchetta plate with two sides to go

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