Nasi Lemak


If you are lucky enough to have visited Malaysia and have eaten our unofficial national dish -- Nasi Lemak, you will understand why we love this dish so much. Nasi Lemak is actually coconut rice served with different varieties of toppings such as rendang chicken, cucumber, sambal shrimp, sambal sotong (squid), peanuts, fried anchovies, boiled eggs, kangkung etc. Different nasi lemak sellers have different varieties of toppings but it comes standard with peanuts, boiled egg, fried anchovies, sambal and kangkung. It's my breakfast, my lunch, and heck I can even eat it for dinner when I am back in Malaysia. It's my ultimate comfort food!

In New York, the best nasi lemak is prepared by Kak Liza, who also cater for the Malaysian Consulate here in Midtown New York (our friend Chef Nick's nasi lemak is legendary too, but we have yet to try! :) Recently, our friend Wee Ming served us nasi lemak he ordered from Kak Liza at his housewarming and we were all in cloud nine! I'm hoping that Kak Liza or someone would open a nasi lemak restaurant here in New York City one day! and soon!

rendang chicken (with coconut milk)

sambal shrimp

sambal sotong


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