Nick's Chilli Crab @ Iqbal's


Nick Choo should really consider opening a restaurant in NYC. Gan and I will eat there all the time (of course, as paying customers!). Last week, Iqbal hosted a Nick Choo's Chilli Crab dinner at his home. Nick cooked the crabs in two styles - Black Pepper and his signature Chilli sauce; he also prepared some really delicious Ayam Percik. It was a meal I'll remember for a long time. So thank you Nick, for the fantastic crabs and thank you Iqbal, for inviting us to that wonderful dinner!

Homemade chilli crab sauce

Crab brains are actually very delicious. It has abit of an egg-yolk taste to it. Goes well with spicy sauce.

Chef Nick in action

Ready to eat!!!

Nick's cooking shirt

Iqbal, the Host

Black Pepper Crab

Chilli Crab

Sliced Baguette for dipping

Gan and I shared a huge chilli crab!

Ayam Percik

Finger licking good!


Anonymous said...

I just stumbled on your blog and this looks amazing!!!

are you going to post these recipes?? looks so delicious :)

Sarah and Gan said...

hello! thanks for visiting our blog! I'll have to check with our friend "Chef" Nick for the recipe. he's a really talented cook, our main source of awesome Malaysian food here in NYC. stay tune!

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