Kak Liza's Home Cooking @ Kim's

Kim hosted a poker/monopoly night on Saturday, and provided food he catered from Kak Liza for the guests (sounds like a casino - buffet + gambling). According to Kim, Kak Liza does catering as a side business and from time to time she cooks awesome Malaysian dishes such as Nasi Lemak and deliver to the lucky people working at midtown (Dang, I'm jealous!). Gan and I got a chance to taste the food at Kim's and they were good!

Curry Chicken


Fried Bihoon

Nasi Kelantan

Desserts - I bought the cake from Buttercup Cupcakes. Not impressed at all...the cake was stale


Jason said...

It's lucky to get to know some good Malaysian cooks there! Can have your cravings for local food fix. :P

Joanne Lim said...

Hi Sarah and Gan, just came across your blog site. Fascinating! I would love to order some food from Kak Liza for CNY as we need some halal food. Any idea how I can reach her to order from her? Thanks!! Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and Gan.

Sarah & Gan said...

Hi Joanne, here's Kak Liza's contact info:

Mobile: 347-791-9353
Home: 212-319-2778

Enjoy your CNY party!

joanne lim said...

Thanks! Happy CNY too to the both of you.

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