Gahm Mi Oak


43 West 32nd St, New York

Phone: 212-694-4113

We have tried Seolleongtang at regular Korean restaurants before, but none of them can make Seolleongtang like Gahm Mi Oak. Seolleongtang is a soup made from the bones of ox legs, cooked for many hours or the entire day until the soup turns milky white. It is usually served with rice /noodles and seasoned with salt, pepper and chopped scallions. I read somewhere that Seolleongtang is great for curing hangover, so maybe the next time you are in the neighborhood after a long night of clubbing, you can drop by at Gahm Mi Oak and let their delicious ox bone soup help you feel better!

A full pot of ox legs soup!

Best Kimchee

The Soo Yok dish at Gahm Mi Oak is really good as well. Thinly sliced cooked beef briskets and beef tongues served with scallions tossed in spicy sesame oil, and bean paste+soy sauce for dipping. yummy!

Seolleongtang is served unseasoned, so it is up to you to season the soup with salt, pepper and scallions to your liking.

Happy Sarah

Sue Ann got a beautiful scarf from Lian for her birthday! Happy Belated Birthday, again, Sue Ann!


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