Nyonya Restaurant


194 Grand Street, New York


Nyonya is a very popular Malaysian restaurant in NYC that serves pretty decent Malaysian dishes. Gan and I love to go there for their curry stingrays, yong tau foo, prawn mee, wah tan hor and satay. I am particularly happy with the service, the waiters and waitresses really take good care of their customers. The ABC (mix shaved ice dessert) there is a must try.

Hainanese Chicken

Stingray Curry in a casserole

Kangkung belacan

ABC - mixed shaved ice topped with brown sugar, jelly, syrup & evaporated milk

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Jason said...

Goodness! I never actually thought there will be any Malaysia cuisine restaurant like this in NY.

Sarah & Gan said...

Oh, Malaysian food is popular here in NYC. One of the more well known M'sian restaurant is Nyonya. There's also a Fatty Crab restaurant in Manhattan, which is inspired by the original Fatty Crab restaurant in Malaysia. We can get pretty ok Malaysian food here in NYC, but nothing like those back home.

Jason said...

That's really good. At first, I thought the prices would be quite high since most of the spices and ingredients used in these dishes are not easy to get in US. :)

Quachee said...

wow, from your photos, the food looks just like in malaysia!

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