Won Dee Siam


792 Ninth Ave, New York, NY

Phone: 212-459-9057

We were introduced to Won Dee a long long time ago by Gan's college friend Henry and it has been one the Thai restaurants that we go to from time to time for good and cheap Thai food. This is a hole-in-the-wall kind of restaurant but the place is clean. The Pad Kra Prow, Tom Yum soup, Kang Dang and Curry Puffs there are fantastic. Sorry guys, Gan and I did take out so there's no food pictures this time :) -- we went to Won Dee again this past Friday and thought I should revise the posting by adding some pictures of the food. The dinner at Wondee Siam was satisfying, as always!
Gan: There's a second store called Won Dee II but we prefer this one as the lady who cooks in this one is great. This is always a good place to stop by for a good Thai meal. It's very reasonably priced too.

I think the restaurant only has 8 tables in total
Gan: The kitchen is even smaller! You have to go across it to get to the bathroom.

Kraree Puff - ground chicken, sweet potato, onion, curry powder, white pepper wrapped in french puff pasty dough sheets, served with cucumber sauce. Wondee Siam's kraree puffs are absolutely delicious!

Tom Yam Goong

Yum Woon Sen - spicy glass noodles with shrimp, lemon juice, onion, ground chicken, squid and chilli. A very refreshing and appetizing dish.

Fried pork Pad Kraq Praw sauteed with basil and chilli - the fried pork was not on the menu and was recommended by our waitress. Love it!

Pla Rad Prig - fried whole red snapper topped with garlic & chilli spicy sauce. Not too bad

A table full of delicious home cook style Thai food. Be sure to try their Kang Dang chicken as well.

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Jason said...

Envy that they serve such huge servings! Most of the Thai restaurant here serves pathetically small portion :(

Sarah & Gan said...

lol...that's the standard servings here, which is really bad for the waistline actually. Not that I'm complaining since the food is good :)

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