Aunty Koh Chendol


5113 Bukit Rambai, Malacca

Phone: 6016-366-2637

Our search for the best chendol (a Malaysian shaved ice dessert) in Malacca brought us to Aunty Koh's home at Bukit Rambai, a small town near Klebang beach, approximately 20 minutes drive from Malacca town. This is Malacca's best kept secret, my family and friends back home might kill me for telling everyone about it, but the nyonya chendol here is too good to not share it with people.

So what makes Aunty Koh's chendol so darn good? Well, everything here is prepared fresh daily, and it's that simple. Aunty Koh gets her chendol from her brother's home factory just a few doors down and she makes her own coconut milk, the creamiest and most refreshing coconut milk. She only serves chendol during the weekends and from 12pm - 2pm so there will always be a crowd gathering at her place as soon as she opens (her front gate). She also works alone, so expect to wait a while before you get your chendol. Be sure to also order double when you arrive so you don't have to wait too long for your second serving, you'll definitely want more after the first.

Chendol to go - red beans and chendol, top with shaved ice, gula melaka (palm sugar) and coconut milk

voilĂ , the best chendol I've ever had!

Pandan leaves that are use to make chendol (jelly)

Actual direction from Aunty Koh's business card


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