Fried Oyster Omelette

Teoh Chew Cuisine

Address: Medan Makan Boon Leong, Jalan Bunga Raya, Malacca

Open Nightly

Growing up, this was my favorite place in Malacca for midnight snacks. I didn't realize this is actually a popular Teoh Chew dish until recently. I have tried Taiwan's oyster omelette in NYC as well as Taipei, and I think this oyster omelette beats all the oyster omelette in the world. The Taiwanese version of "Oh-Ah-Chien" is much more starchy with heavy focus on undercooked tapioca flour and runny egg, with its huge dollop of sweet tasting chilli sauce. This Malaccan version is well cooked so you can really taste the fiery fire burnt smell (wok hei). It tastes best when eaten with owner home made dipping chili sauce on the side. One secret which is well known with the locals. It tastes even better when left in fridge overnight, and re-stir-fried with oil the next day and mixed in with rice. Dehydrating the dish gets you a stronger flavor and taste - see, the dehydration method in changing the character of the food (not just for preservation) can be applied to good effect here. :-)


xy said...

hometown food often beats elsewhere... the sense of belonging, perhaps.

miscastob said...

I miss the Stall No. 7 oysters (used to be at the seaside side near the padang and fort formosa) and the bunga raya shop the most.

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