San Shu Gong


: Jonker Street, Jalan Hang Jebat, Malacca

Phone: 6-06-281-3118

I don't usually go to Tan Kim Hock or San Shu Gong when I'm back in Malacca because it seems to be targeting tourist business with all the snack gifts sold in the shop. But I have a reason to go back there again next time, for its Durian chendol. The ice coffee at San Shu Gong was also very satistfying. The bottle came with an ice block at the bottom and they pour the coffee in right before serving. Definitely better and cheaper than the coffee I get in New York!

The famous Durian Chendol - doesn't look very presentable, but taste pretty good. If you like durian, this will be your favorite durian dessert.

We were told the San Shu Gong was opened recently in Malacca by the heirs of the Tan Kim Hock business family. It took up the entire corner building of what used to be the Chung Kiaw Bank building right below the bridge nearby Stadhuys.

Gan: Something has been bothering me during this recent trip back home. Lately, there's been an influx of tourism investments and a lot of all these new businesses have sprout up all over Malacca. Maybe it's the World Heritage prestige or maybe it's something else. Prosperity can be a double edge sword. It is always easier to lax and makes mistake into habit when the end goal is too easily obtained. One loss customer from a bad service or product can be replaced with many more willing customers. Fame and prosperity allows you that. We hope the heritage continues to be well preserved and not sacrificed in the process.


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