Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Balls

Hainanese Cuisine

Address: 4, 6, 8 Jalan Hang Jebat, Malacca

Phone: 6-06-283-4751

Hainanese chicken rice, despite its name, was not a dish from Hainan, China, but instead was created by Hainanese immigrants in Malaysia and Singapore. This dish can be found in many places in Malaysia, but Malacca's version is different because the rice is shaped into ping pong size balls and served with sliced chicken. It can be argued that the main focus of the meal is the chicken rice, and not necessary the chicken meat itself. Gan will always reminisce his childhood school days when he would get half a dozen chicken rice balls in a plastic to go and fill it up with the always essential condiment of special blend of chilli sauce with some thick and light soy sauce. He claims it's the last dish he would like to have if he ever were given the choice before he meet his maker!

There are two places in Malacca that are famous for its chicken rice balls as long as I can remember - Hoe Kee and its rival store across the street call Chung Wah. Most locals go to Hoe Kee for its chicken rice balls and Chung Wah for its chicken. But to me, both are equally good, so I'll go to whichever that has a shorter line.

(Top) Chicken Rice Balls (Bottom) Hainanese style chicken and chicken gizzards

Chung Wah Chicken Rice Balls shop, Hoe Kee's long time competitor located just across the street. Check out the line outside despite the 90 over degree temperature! It wraps around the building to the bridge.


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I was just dreaming about this today! There's a horrible and gaudy Farmosa Chicken rice shop near it too.

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