Address: 40-06 70th Street, Woodside, NY

Phone: 718-205-1480

There are so many reasons why I love Filipino cuisine, but the main reasons are that it’s cheap, it’s good and it reminds me of home. The noticeably between Malaysian food and Filipino food is that Filipino food has more Spanish influence since it was a colony of Spain for about 300 years. It’s common to find Spanish ingredients/seasonings such as the Adobo spice and bay leaves in Filipino cooking.

We have checked out quite a lot of Filipino restaurants in the city, but our all time favorite is still Ihawan in Queens. Some of our favorite dishes at Ihawan are Ginitang Sitaw (string beans with dried shrimp and pork), BBQ Pork, Fried chicken skin with vinegar dipping sauce, Pancit Bihon (fried vermicelli), Chicken/Pork Adobo, Bistek (Beef Steak on sizzling hot plate), sisig (chopped pork ears on sizzling hot plate). We also love the Sago Gulaman drinks and Halo Halo desserts at Ihawan. The place is usually crowded during the lunch time in the weekend, but t’s worth the wait.

** I was just told by my Filipino co-worker that Ihawan is actually a branch of the original restaurant in the Philippines. So there you go, it can't get more authetic than that!

Pancit Bihon

Bitter melon with shrimp, pork and eggs

BBQ Chicken

Ginitang Sitaw

*pictures taken with iphone camera.


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