Matsumoto Shave Ice


66-087 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa, Hawaii

Phone: 808-637-4827

Shave ice is absolutely the highlight of our trip to Oahu. Nothing makes us happier than enjoying a cone of shave ice after a hike up the Diamond Head crater or after sunbathing at the beach. I love the classic and colorful rainbow “snowcone” shave ice while Gan loves to try out different types of syrups such as coconut, Li Hing Mui (salty dry plum) and Lychee. Matsumoto at Haleiwa is the oldest shaved ice place on the island and in my opinion, has the best overall tasting shave ice; Waiola (see my separate post on Waiola) at Kapahulu has the best ice -it is so fine that it almost tastes like sorbet! Excellent dessert for hot summer days!

My favorite - rainbow shave ice!!


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