Rainbow Drive In


3308 Kanaina Ave, Honolulu, Hawaii

Phone: 808-737-0177

I have a theory. The reason why people from Hawaii are much nicer and happier is because of plate lunch places such as Rainbow Drive in, L&L Drive in, Zippy’s etc. What is not to be happy about? A lunch plate with kalbi, mahi-mahi, macaroni salad for less than 10 bucks - affordable, got all the carbs and protein you need for the day, and delicious! You can find unusual (to the mainlanders) but very local dish such as loco moco, chili rice, ahi poke etc and also interesting drinks call slush float, which is pretty much an Icee + float.

Rainbow Drive In which is located near Waikiki at Kapahulu is one of our favorite plate lunch places in Oahu. We like it better because it is still very “mom and pop”, with only one branch, compared to L&L and Zippy’s which are everywhere. Drive ins are the quintessential cheap eats on the island and a must try if it is your first time there. Just don’t expect nice ambience and clean eating area.

Classic menu board with list of plate lunches

lunch plate with teriyaki beef, mahi-mahi, macaroni salad and rice

Slush float, lunch plate and chili rice


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