Shokudo Japanese Restaurant & Bar


1585 Kapiolani Blvd, Honolulu, HI

Phone: 808-941-3701

I thought there are some pretty good Japanese restaurants in Honolulu. You can find mom and pop Japanese restaurants such as Mr. Ojisan serving more home cooked style Japanese food, or you can get more contemporary, high quality Japanese restaurant such as Shokudo.

The dishes at Shokudo were quite unique and I was thrilled like a kid in a candy store when browsing their very exciting menu. I definitely recommend the sushi pizza, char-siu pork with Japanese scallions, and Angus Beef on a hot stone plate if you go there. The Melon float, a typical beverage in Japan was delicious as well. I kind of regret not tasting the famous Honey Toast dessert (thick white toast drizzle with honey and topped with ice cream) since we were already full. Maybe next time, or if we are lucky, Shokudo might just open a restaurant in NYC!

Melon Float

Sushi Pizza

Char-Siu pork and Japanese Scallions

Angus Steak on a Sizzling Hot Stone Plate

Hot Stone Unagi rice - option to eat as a chazuke dish.


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