Bills Restaurant: Surry Hills


359 Crown Street, Surry Hills NSW, Australia

Phone: 61 2 9360 4762

We wanted to check out another restaurant for breakfast after arriving in Sydney, but a couple detours later (road closing because of the Sydney Marathon), we discovered Bills at Surry Hills. Since I have read some pretty good reviews on the restaurant before going to Australia, I convinced Gan to stop by Bills for breakfast.

Apparently Bills is a restaurant named after the owner Bill Granger, a Melbourne born food writer who moved to Sydney and ended up opening his own restaurants there. For a person who is not trained as a chef, he is doing pretty good. He owns two other Bills restaurants in NSW area. He also has a cookbook and he also appears frequently on tv/magazines. But I don't see what's the big deal though, the food was just ok.

Since we were there for breakfast, the menu focused on healthy and organic ingredients ie. sunrise drink of orange, banana, yogurt and berries, ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter, sweetcorn fritters with roast tomato, spinach and bacon, scrambled organic eggs with organic sourdough toasts etc. Yea, the ingredients were fresh but it was not worth the price. That was one of the more expensive breakfast that I have had, the bill came up to 58 bucks. Honestly, it was not even as good as Norma's in NYC.

Gan couldn't let go of his crackberry even when he's on vacation. argghh......

sunrise drink of orange, banana, yogurt and berries

ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter - this was not bad, it has ricotta inside of the hotcakes

sweetcorn fritters with roast tomato, spinach and bacon


jKay said...

went to the darlinghurst one many years back and yeah.. i think the place is kinda hyped up..

haven't tried nyc brunch (too busy having dim sum with u guys ;p) but am going to check out "good enough to eat" this sunday based on a friend's recommendation.. any review of that place? =)

Sarah & Gan said...

Hello! i haven't tried "good enough to eat" yet, but I heard it's quite popular. Let me know what you think of the place after you eat there.

Anonymous said...

im doing a research project for this restaurant do u know their specialty dishes, the service (fast, slow, polite, etc.) and the star rating?
if i could know within the next hour i would love you FOR LIFE!!
thanks :)

Sarah and Gan said...

Hi, just saw your comment. hope it's not too late :) we only tried the breakfast at Bills and they served varieties of high quality and organic breakfast. For the breakfast, I believe the specialty dishes are the sunrise drink, hotcakes with honeycomb butter and sweetcorn fritters with roasted tomatoes, spinach and bacon. We didn't try the lunch or dinner there so I'm not sure what the other specialty dishes are. The service was fast and polite. but it's a little bit pricey so I would probably rate this restaurant 2 1/2 stars.

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