Laksa King


320 Racecourse Rd, Flemington, VIC, Australia

61 3 9372 6383

Laksa King was the first restaurant we checked out in Melbourne. I specially requested my sister to bring us there because we were quite deprived of good Laksa Lemak here in NYC. Laksa Lemak, just in case you do not know, is a Malaysian style curry noodle soup (with coconut milk). To me, it is best darn curry noodles soup ever created.

The Laksa Lemak in Laksa King was actually pretty good. We liked that the restaurant served real, bloody cockles with the noodles soup, just like how we have it in Malaysia. (Bloodiness may sound nasty, but it's actually really good). We thought the curry broth was slightly heavy; we were more used to the lighter curry broth back home. I also ordered a bowl of fish head noodles soup. The fish broth was so milky, delicious and comforting, I drank all the soup instead of eating the vermicelli.

It was lunch time when we ate at Laksa King and I noticed there weren't many people, given the restaurant's popularity. But I was told by my sister that the restaurant usually gets really busy during dinner time and there'll be long wait for tables. So good thing we went there for lunch. Thanks again Alyssa and Vince for bringing us there!

Laksa Lemak

Seafood Noodles

Fish Head Noodles Soup

ice grass jelly drink


Orenji8 said...

The laksa lemak looks really good! I wish I could try some. Actually bloody cockles doesn't sound horrible at all :)

Sarah & Gan said...

Hello SAM!! :) yes, bloody cockles + laksa is really really delicious. btw, congrats on becoming an Aunt! can't wait to see baby Madeleine!

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