Koko Black


Address: 167 Lygon Street, Carlton, Victoria, Australia



I was helping my sister Alyssa check out wedding favors online when I discovered that there is no GODIVA store in Australia, at all. First thing that came to my mind was, how is that possible? Not that Godiva chocolate is the best in the world, but they have shops almost everywhere. After visited Koko Black cafĂ© at Melbourne’s Lygon Street, I understood why. There is no need for a Godiva store in Australia.

Koko Black is a local gourmet chocolate boutique/cafe that started in Melbourne. The one we went in Lygon Street sells everything that were made from cocoa – chocolates, hot chocolate, ice chocolate, chocolate ice cream, chocolate liqueur....you name it. There are other chocolate stores in Australia (most of them boutiques rather than chain stores), but nothing really caught my attention. What differentiates Koko Black from others is perhaps its commitment to world-class chocolate experience – from product quality/creativity to packaging to services, they aim to be the best. Koko Black is still currently a local Melbourne store, but it will not be long before they expand and succeed in Australia and in other countries.

Alyssa and Vince (her hubby) brought us to Koko Black twice, and I was totally addicted to their delicious hot chocolate. A perfect drink for chilly evenings in Melbourne. Just wished that they would let me take pictures of its wonderfully decorated interior so that I can share it with everyone else. Anyhow, this is a must try in Melbourne if you do go there.

my cup of hot chocolate

Group portrait


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