Hari Raya Bazaar 2008 @ the Consulate General of Malaysia, New York


With the current economy condition, Gan and I have decided to dine more at "recession friendly" restaurants, with only occasional splurges here and there. We have been making trips to Flushing/Queens for good cheap eats, cooking more at home and taking advantage of events such as the Hari Raya (Eid) Bazaar at the Consulate General of Malaysia to get good food at cheaper price.The Consulate General of Malaysia hosts this event as part of the Eid celebration every year and seems like the event is getting more popular since people are finding out that this is perhaps the only place/event where they can buy truly awesome home-cooked Malay food.

It wasn't our first time attending the bazaar last weekend, but it was the first time we arrived early enough to buy the food before they were sold out. The event started at 1pm, and by 3pm, the place was packed with people who were there for just one reason - food. There were nasi lemak, satay, lontong, rendang, mee rebus, mee johor, pulut hitam, kuih keria, teh tarik etc. The table that sold nasi lemak and satay were the most popular, with people were lining up for at least half and hour just to buy nasi lemak/satay.

It was definitely a fun event for us; aside from getting to taste awesome food, we also got to meet new people and hung out with friends. The bazaar is definitely an event not to be missed, so try and go there next year if you can. I just wished I have asked for the sellers' contact numbers so that I can get some home-cooked Malay food to satisfy my cravings for the next 12 months!

Mee Rebus


Encik making satay!

all other goodies

kuih-muih (Malay cakes and desserts)

Raymond (my high school classmate, Grace's brother) with Sam, Jon, Sarah and Ray, who have tasted real Malay food for the first time. Sarah told me she loved it! :)

The girls

The guys, lol.....


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