Havana Alma De Cuba


94 Christopher Street, New York



I have never tasted Cuban food before coming to New York, and I doubt that there are good ones (if any) in Malaysia. But I have became a big fan of the cuisine ever since I tasted it for the first time at Sophie's downtown, a very popular Cuban lunch place in Wall Street area. After that, my quest for good Cuban food had brought me to Cafe Habana, Cafecito, La Isla (Hoboken), Havana Alma de Cuba etc. Although I really like going to Havana Alma De Cuba, just because the people are really nice, the food is good and the sangria is awesome.

If you do go there, make sure you try the grilled skirt steak with chimichurri sauce (Churrasco Con Chimichurri) - medium rare , shrimp in creole sauce (Camarones Enchilados) and Tamal Cubano. I like to order the white wine sangria there too, although depending on who makes the drinks, your sangria might taste more like fruit juice than wine, sometimes. The restaurant has a nice dining room at the back and a cute garden seating area, an ideal place for small parties or romantic candlelit dinner with your date ;)

Tamal Cubano - Stone ground corn wrapped in corn husk

Maduros - fried sweet Plantains

Camarones Enchilados - Shrimp sauteed in a fragrant Creole sauce of tomatoes, garlic, onions, peppers, thyme and white wine

Churrasco Con Chimichurri - grilled skirt steak with traditional Chimichurri sauce and cassava

Paella Valenciana - saffron rice mixed with shrimp, scallops, mussels, monkfish, chicken and spanish chorizo

Lechon Asado Al Estilo "La Floridita" - Roasted suckling pig served with cassava, fresh mojo and served with congri

Flan de Leche - Cuban caramel custard - not too good here at Havana restaurant

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Wilson Wu said...

Halo Yaokui,
Appreciate food is very important part of my life as you do. Knowing how to enjoy your life, by eating good food is an un-disastsociable aspect. I'm in Singapore right now, the local food here is OKAY only, servings are too small. But the restaurants are great, i can taste quite a different kind of food from all over the world. Comparing to Malaysia, I more like those Malaysia road side food, they are not so sweet as those in Singapore.
Apart from your food, I love the picture as well, I can see you had fun there while enjoying the great food. They made me feel hungry.
Have fun there
Always enjoy your life.

Sarah & Gan said...

Hi Wilson, thanks so much for visiting our blog. Glad to share our food experience with you. I haven't been to Singapore enough time to eat all the good food there. But from my very limited experience eating in Singapore, I thought there were a lot good chefs in Singapore, so I think Singaporeans are lucky to get the best of both worlds - fine dining and road side dining. Even though there are a lot of good food in NY, there are not no true/authentic malaysian restaurants that serve dishes I grew up eating. So making a trip home frequently for food is essential! :)

Again, thanks for visiting our blog!

Sarah & Gan

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