Han Ah Reum Supermarket Foodcourt


321 Broad Ave, Ridgefield, New Jersey

Phone: 201-943-9600

Gan and I absolutely love the food court at Han Ah Reum supermaket near Palisades Park, NJ. We were introduced to this supermarket by our friend Ray sometime ago (he's our source to all good stuffs in NJ :) ) and we have been going there for food shopping and lunch/dinner ever since. We love the spicy chanpon noodles there and for about $8, you can enjoy a bowl of spicy seafood soup with homemade noodles. You get also get dishes like Kalbi Tang, Abalone Porridge, Soon Do Boo Chigae etc. Two thumbs up for this place!

Gan: This is one of the main reason I love the NYC metropolitan area (including NJ). The influx of immigrants in these area introduces a lot of possibilities in terms of culinary choices as well as ethnic food products (groceries). Mitsuwa, the Japanese groceries supermart at Edgewater is great for its Japanese produce (japanese organic eggs, cucumber, eggplants, and of course the seafood). The Korean groceries like Han Ah Reum is most famous for their great beef selections, especially the ribs (kalbi).

Spicy Seafood Chanpon Noodles
Gan: It's Chinese Korean but they are uniquely Korean because of their hot paste soup and noodles. It's really spicy but they're great. I think the key is they stir fry all the ingredients first, chinese style with the high heat wok before adding it onto the blanched noodle and spicy soup.

Jar Jiang mien- korean style.
Gan: Another Chinese Korean dish. Don't look appetizing with the color but the bean paste sauce with the noodle is great.

Yaokui Gan


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