Ramen Setagaya

Address: 141 First Ave, New York

Phone: 212-529-2740

The shio ramen at Ramen Setagaya is not bad, but I wouldn't call it the best ramen in New York City. I like my ramen noodles softer and springy and Setagaya's ramen noodles tasted more like the instant ones you find at the Japanese supermarket. The broth is really nice though, it's made with pork bones, chicken, chicken bones, dried scallops, dried anchovies, seaweed, dried mushrooms, garlic, ginger, cabbage and red pepper. In my opinion, Santoka ramen is still the best ramen in NYC metro area.

Shio (salt) Ramen

Oyako Don (chicken, eggs and rice dish)

Gyoza here is really nice

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