Address: 199 East Third Street, New York, NY

Phone: 212-254-2411

Ethiopian restaurants are very popular in NYC, but for some reasons, Gan and I have never tasted Ethiopian food, until yesterday. A bunch of us went to a very tiny Ethiopian restaurant call Meskel in Alphabet city to have dinner with our friend Po Li, who will be leaving for Malaysia in a week. Some of us decided to share a vegetarian platter that comes with sauteed string beans and carrots, collard greens etc, a Meskel platter which has a sample of different braised meat such as lamb and beef and Doro Wat, a braised chicken legs dish. We were all ecstatic when the waitress brought out a gigantic platter with everything on it!

I knew before going to this restaurant that I would most likely have to eat with my hands but I didn't realized that it was going to be a challenge for me. I don't usually eat with my hands (except for ribs, fried chicken and fries....), therefore the task of scooping up some vegetables or meat using a piece of Injera (Ethiopian white bread)was not particularly fun for me. But it was worth the work as the food was quite delicious. Overall, Ethiopian food somewhat reminds of coconut milk based Malaysian Indian food. Not something I will eat very often since it's rather heavy.

Vegetarian platter + Meskel platter + Doro Wat

Bruce (third from the right) was holding a plate of Injera. They tasted somewhat like dosa/tosai/tosei to me.

We cleaned up the plate pretty nicely! hungry people!


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