Sun Ma Malaysian Restaurant

Address: 5918 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Phone: 718-492-3518

Gan has been bugging me to go back to Sun Ky for sometime now. He's in love with their Marmite spare ribs. I've checked with some Malaysian restaurants in the city to see if they serve Marmite spare ribs, but apparently only Sun Ky has it. So on thanksgiving eve, we drove to Brooklyn Chinatown to have some yummy spare ribs, and Wa Tan Hor (Flat Noodles with Seafood) and Assam Stingray and Oyster Omelette.... (We would have ordered alot more if we have a cow's stomach). This is definitely the place to go for real Malaysian food in NYC metro area.

Wa Tan Hor - Sun Ky makes the best Wa Tan Hor in NYC

Oyster Omelette -this is nothing close to what we have in Malacca, but I'll take whatever they have.

Assam stingray - stingray cooked with Assam paste, chilis, okras and eggplants, served in a casserole

*pictures taken using iphone camera


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