Hiroko's Place

Address: 75 Thompson St, New York

Phone: 212-625-1303

Japanese style western food restaurant such as Basta Pasta and Pasta Wafu is getting more popular in the city. So when we read about Hiroko's Place, we decided to check it out. The interior of the restaurant has a cafe/home kitchen feel to it. They have some sofas, a comic books library and a bar, which makes it feel like you are eating at someone's home. Quite unusual in NYC.

In addition to that, the menu reminds us of Tokyo as they have quite a selection of hard-to-find (in NY) but simple Japanese style western food such Omu rice, Hamburg steak and pastas. I also like the drinks menu, they have my favorite drink - ice green tea with milk/soy milk. Overall, we like this place. Don't expect amazing food, but it's definitely something different.

tempura style fried calamari

Mushrooms spaghetti - the dish has a nice flavor but we thought the spaghetti was a bit dry

Omu rice -Japanese style fried rice wrapped in an omelette

*pictures taken with iphone camera

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