Mitsuwa Supermarket Giant Blue Fin Tuna Cutting Performance


Giant Blue Fin Tuna Cutting Performance @ Mitsuwa Supermarket

Address: 595 River Rd # 1, Edgewater, NJ

Phone: 201-941-9113

Gan, Oi Yen, Nick and I went to Mitsuwa Supermarket at Edgewater NJ today to check out the Giant Blue Fin Tuna cutting performance. Even though I have been to Tsukiji market in Tokyo, I have never been able to wake up early enough to check out the auction in the morning (LAZY!). So this was really the first time I have seen an uncut Blue Fin Tuna, and boy it was gorgeous! The Tuna weighs around 700lbs and I believe it's about 4-5 days old. According to the announcer, Tuna taste better when it's aged for a couple of days.

The supplier of this Blue Fin Tuna also supplies to the top Japanese restaurants in NYC such as Masa and Sushi Yasuda. So it was great that we get to buy Toro for roughly $1.50 per slice, instead of the usual $12 per slice charged at the high end sushi restaurants. At the end of the performance, people were just snatching those tuna as though it was free (Gan was one of them, haha). We bought some Tuna blocks for dinner as well and it was amazing.

Gan: We bought a couple of ohtoro and chutoro tuna block as well as some nigiri sushi made from the fresh cut/butchered tuna. Can't get any fresher sushi than that in the city. As with beef, tuna taste best with its marbled fat. Ohtoro is the fattiest and chutoro is next. Just to echo one of the things that the announcer mentioned at the performance, it's a common misconception in America that the color (redness) of the tuna determines the quality of it. the best tasting tuna is usually the one with higher fat content and they are usually lighter in color, usually in pink.

I want all of those!!

It was funny to see the guy using a special hammer to cut the tuna
Gan: They don't waste anything. The fins are used. The head as well. Even the meat was scraped off the bone. We were wondering how much was the whole tuna's worth in a normal market. If it's about $40-$50 per pound (of course, not all are toro quality from the fish), that 700 pound fish is worth $28K-$35K!

Oi Yen imitating the look of the Blue Fin Tuna
Gan: Hmm... I see the resemblance. Glowing skin, shiny eyes, and decorated.

Amazing Toro Sushi, freshly cut from the belly


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