Cafe Too Buffet


Island Shangri-La Hotel, Pacific Place, Supreme Court Road, Central Hong Kong

Phone: 852-2820-8571

I'm a total sucker for buffets because I love variety, or maybe I'm just yaokui. It's not as easy to find a good quality buffet place in NYC since buffet style meals are not as popular here. So I picked Cafe Too as one of the restaurants Gan and I will try during our Hong Kong trip after I read that it’s one of the best in town.

Cafe Too is located on the second floor of the Island Shangri-La Hotel at Central. I got so excited when I first walked into the restaurant and saw displays of fresh, delicious food and pretty desserts. I couldn't decide what to eat in the beginning, and then I quickly came up with a simple strategy –taking a small portion of everything they served. I think that strategy definitely worked well as I managed to taste almost everything there. :)

From the hot food station, you can find dishes such as the Peking duck, Chinese herbal soup, fresh oysters, king crab legs, sushi, sashimi, Chinese stir-fry, Indian food, noodles soup, dim sums, western food etc. As for desserts, there were souffl├ęs, chocolate dipped strawberries, tiramisu, assorted ice creams, cakes, pastries etc. It was definitely a food heaven for me and I think I was in ecstasy the entire time there.

Gan getting some fresh oysters and shrimp cocktails.

Chinese Hot Food Station - they have Dim Sums, stir-fry dishes, herbal soup, Peking Duck etc

Noodles station

Indian food station

Happy me with Roslind

Check out what I got - Lamb chop, Shiu Mai, Roast Chicken, Peking Duck, Fried Rice, Har Kau...or was this Gan's plate?

Fresh oysters, shrimp cocktails, and sashim



Jason said...

It's been ages since I went for buffet. Maybe should go for one buffet session soon :D

Sarah & Gan said...

Jason, any good buffet restaurants in Malaysia? I know Kampachi Japanese buffet is pretty famous...

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