Nick's Hainanese Chicken Rice


Nick's Hainanese Chicken Rice

Nick cooked us his famous Hainanese Chicken Rice dish yesterday and it was delicious! Everything from the chicken to the chili sauce was perfect! Now we can tell everyone we've tasted Nick's cooking too! :) Thank you Nick and Oi Yen for making us the wonderful lunch yesterday.
Gan: We've heard of the famous Nick's Hainanese Chicken Rice for quite some time. Was it as good as advertised? Hell yeah! Made the famous Nick's kitchen apocalyptic aftermath a minor distraction at the end of the meal.

Chef Nick and his sidekicks - me washing dishes and Oi Yen in charge of cutting the vegetables. We worked well as a team. :)
Gan: Nick's so lucky to have 2 cute sous chefs in the kitchen!

The heavenly chicken rice - Nick, now i know one of your secret ingredients!
Gan: The key to good hainanese chicken rice is the way you prep the rice.

Shaun preparing the appetizer - mozzarella cheese wrapped in prosciuttos

Nick's Hainanese Chicken

I cooked some shrimp scampi as well
Gan: One of my favorite Sarah's dish.

The guys

The girls :)
Gan: Woot! Food and women!

Vanilla Cupcakes from Dean & Deluca, courtesy of Kim

Chocolate Cupcakes

More desserts!

That's what you do after a good meal ~
Gan: Look at the double chin!


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LOL Food coma sets in when you eat too much :)

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