Sushi Seki

Address: 1143 First Ave., at 62nd St, New York

Phone: 212-371-0238

I have never heard of Sushi Seki until Chee-Ping told me about the restaurant. Apparently, the sushi chef/owner of this restaurant, Seki, used to work at the famous Sushi of Gari, and was trained under the sushi master himself - Gari Masatoshi. Seki's sushi were quite unique, especially they way they use non-traditional garnishes and seasonings. We had the Omakase, so from about 7pm to 11pm, we were served with amazing sushi one after another. Although I would love to eat at this restaurant again, the bill turned out to be pretty jaw-dropping, almost a le-bernadin price. I would rather pay the same price for more established Japanese restaurants such as Nobu or Morimoto. But overall, sushi seki serves good, unique but very pricey sushi.
Gan: Lol.. I was amused to see everyone's shocked expression when the bill came. Hey, when you want omakase, that means you leave it to the chefs to decide! :-P Doesn't help when we keep piling on the orders with bottles of sake and exotic sushi. But I must say.. the sushi here is pretty good. Gotta try Sushi of Gari one of these days. Good company and good sushi. Can't ask for more.

Wan Yin and Chee-Ping

Sashimi was fresh, the Kumamoto Oyster with vinegar and scallions was pretty good too. I was more excited to see the raw octopus since I don't usually see them in most NYC sushi restaurants.
Gan: I can still taste the milky kumamoto oyster... so yummy.

I kind of enjoyed the jalapeƱo seasoning on my hamachi
Gan: It's always thought that sushi is as good as the freshness of the fish. That was not the case in the past. Originally, sushi was made with preserved or fermentation of fish and vinegared rice. It would seem that the sushi of the past must taste much stronger than the typical modern sushi. This type of nigiri sushi (hand formed sushi) with stronger tasting condiments or seasonings, to me, seems like a modern take on trying to introduce stronger flavor into sushi, akin the old narusushi (old fermented sushi).

salmon sushi with avocado and toasted sesame seeds was not bad as well

Tuna with tofu sauce (center) - interesting
Gan: It actually taste really well together.

Eu Wen and Po Li

Tempura Ice Cream - one of the better tempura ice cream I've eaten.

Mochi ice cream was delicate and refreshing. I was questioning if they were pre-made, but Gan told me that everything here should be made fresh from the kitchen.
Gan: I liked the mochi ice cream a lot. The sticky rice cake around the ice cream was very soft and as you chew it, the cold ice cream below just oozes around your mouth.

Gan and Eu Wen
Gan: Mr Khoo and Mr Gan, mind you.

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ioney said...

WAH!! Looks real good. We gotta do Tailor one of these days!

Sarah & Gan said...

Yes, we have to try Tailor soon. wait for us yea? :)

Eu Wen said...

Wow... i recently checked out the tummy... nice and round after the gastronomic escapades with ms thai and chihchih...

wonder whats their secret of keeping so slim?

so whats next?

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