Chanto NYC


Chanto NYC

Note: The restaurant has closed down recently - 3/30/08
133 7th Ave South, New York, NY

Phone: 212-463-8686

I forgot to bring my camera with me last night so I had to take pictures of the food at Chanto restaurant with my iphone camera under pretty bad lightings. Glad the pictures turned out decent.

We have eaten at Chanto upstairs sometime ago and thought the food was pretty good. I love their King of Kimchee dish (a variety of sashimi, watercress, cilantro, pine nuts, cashew nuts and fructus lycii marinated with spicy chojan sauce wrapped with Kimchee leaves). They also have some western fusion dishes such as Giant Shrimp Risotto and Sauteed Foie Gras that focuses on the use of Japanese ingredients and seasonings such as Miso and Teriyaki sauce.

For last night, Gan and I went to Chanto Bar (downstairs) for Kobe Beef burger. It was definitely one of the nicer burgers we have eaten, the kobe beef burger was wonderfully cooked. We definitely recommend this place (Chanto Bar) if you love burger (and kobe beef)!
Gan: It was DJ night so it was great to be at the bar. The mix was great with selections from both side of the pacific. Just like the music, the food at Chanto is sort of an Japanese-American fusion with heavier bias on Japanese.. and sometimes Korean. This is a popular chain in Japan as well. It was a classic nyc fall season rainy night so the atmosphere, to me, was just nice.. for a nice way to wind down your week on a Friday night. For some reason, I was into Kobe beef burger that night, after losing a bet at work on something stupid like whether Apple's new Leopard include Boot Camp which provides Windows Vista drivers for Macbook Pro. Yea.. I'm a nerd.

Kobe Beef Burger with One egg and Fries on the side
The burger is also cooked in teriyaki sauce. It was good.. but I guess at roughly ~$10-14 bucks for the burger, you don't exactly get the best marbled kobe beef in the burger patty. It was definitely better than just angus though.


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