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We were supposed to have dinner with Shien Jin and Shaun at Spotted Pig restaurant tonight. But after finding out that there's a two hour wait to get a table at the restaurant, we went to SobaKoh on 5th and 2nd Ave for some good simple soba instead. Gan and I usually go there for the lunch special which includes soba, tempura, some appetizers and a dessert for about $20 per person. So when the bill came, we thought the dinner was not as worth it. I'll definitely recommend SobaKoh for lunch and not for dinner. Gan: Soba needs to be fresh and this place definitely have their soba done fresh as is demonstrated at the front of the restaurant

Grilled Matsutake Mushrooms appetizer

Agedashi Tofu

Grilled Chilean Sea Bass Marinated in Miso with yuzu-powders, shishito japanese pepper
Gan: This was yummy. Sea bass and miso goes well together.. as is made famous by Nobu's black seabass with miso.

Kinpira - Burdock roots appetizer

Candid shots of the guys

Ikura Oroshi Cold Soba - Soba with salmon roe and grated daikon

Kamonasu Soba - deep fried japanese egg plant with cooked ground duck

Assorted Tempura

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