Pho Thanh Hoai

Address: 249 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ

Phone: 201-239-1988

The beef noodles soup, grilled pork on rice and bo luc lac here are delicious. The rest of the dishes I've tried here were good also. They have steamboat/hotpot or BBQ if you are in the mood for that. It's usually very crowded during dinner time, everyday. Gan: To any restaurateurs in the NYC metro area.. why aren't you opening more quality Asian restaurant in Jersey City area? You can command premium NYC price, have little to no competition, and a client base who's dying for some authentic Asian food. It's a no brainer! This Vietnamese restaurant is one of the only decent authentic Asian food in JC.

Summer rolls

Longan drink with shaved ice

Beef noodles soup + beef balls

Grilled pork chop on rice


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