144 W 19th St, New York

Phone: 212-924-3335

We were on our way to Pinkberry when we came across Tebaya. I've read about Tebaya Japanese Fried Chicken Wings in New York Magazine, and I thought we should check it out. We ordered some wings to go, but didn't get to eat them while they were crispy, so we can't really tell if they were good. Gan thought the sesame seeds didn't go well with the seasoning and the wings. Gan: so so only lah...
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jKay said...

i went to try this.. and walked past the shop in the dark before back tracking! it's a really tiny place, but it was empty when we went in (which made us really hesitate haha ;p) and so we got the only "sofa" seat. we had it fresh but i also think it's so-so only.. bonchon definitely wins hands down! the Potemochi was kind of interesting - potato without the potato feel/taste/texture.. we also tried 3 of the smoothies - coffee, red bean and sesame! i thought the coffee is really strong but the other 2 wasn't that flavorful.. the kushikatsu (fried chicken on skewer) was pretty good but i was so stuffed by then we couldn't finish it.. haha ;p we spend $50 for 3 person which i thought was a bit steep for this place though! (ok cheapo me ;ppp)

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