Mooncake Foods


Mooncake Foods

Address: 28 Watt St, New York, NY

Phone: 212-219-8888

Ok, we have finally tried Mooncake Foods, the famous Asian Diner that is located close to the Holland Tunnel entrance. We definitely agree that there are some nice dishes there, especially the appetizers such as Lobster & Mango Summer Rolls and Baked Mussels with Sambal Mayo. However, the entrees are just alright. My friend Shaun and I ordered the Shanghai Wontons, and I thought the noodles and wontons were not good at all, while Gan thought the Pork Chops with white wine & soy he ordered was just average. We would probably just make that a place where we can order some appetizers to go the next time we are on our way home to Jersey.

Lobster & Mango Summer Rolls - the mango sauce was delicious

Baked Mussels with Sambal Mayo, nicely done

Pork Chops with White wine & soy

Shanghai Wonton soup with Noodles


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