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Kyotofu has been on our "to try list" for a long time since I love tofu (ALOT). Today we met up with Ray and Sarah there for afternoon tea. I thought the black sesame sweet tofu that I ordered was yummilicious and the chocolate souffle cupcake that Ray ordered (which I stole some) was pretty good as well. We chatted with one of the owners of Kyotofu on our way out and was surprised to find out that he knew the owner of Kyoto Tofu Cafe at Roppongi Hills, which is one of my favorite cafe in Tokyo. Gan and I told Michael, the owner, that we love the tofu doughnut at Kyoto Tofu Cafe and hinted that it would be great if they open a store in NYC. Lets see if that will happen. I will be their #1 customer for sure!
Gan: I feel the tofu was made fresh but forgot to ask Michael, the owner. However, they serve their tofu with a spoonful of sweet sauce which overpowers the delicate taste of the tofu. The tofu itself was really good and in my opinion, could do without the sweet stuffs.

Black sesame sweet tofu - very delicate and not too sweet.
Gan: But the syrup on the side was quite sweet. It's good that they separate it so we have the option to not use it.

Signature sweet tofu - Gan forgot to leave some for me and ate the whole thing by himself!
Gan: ^_^' sorry, boss

My cup of Hoji-cha

Chocolate souffle cupcake - tasted more like souffle than cupcake, but it was good. Thanks Ray, for sharing!

Here's the lunch menu

Sarah, Ray, Sarah, Gan :)
Gan: Was meeting with Sarah and Ray who just came back from Shanghai. The interior of the shop is modern, simple and clean. Matches well with the focus of their product.

That's the owner Michael, was really nice talking to him.

Kyotofu's pastry chefs

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